27 March 2009

computer upgrade/reformatting

So my beloved, the computer geek, has reformatted and upgraded my computer, but this now means that I have to find everything again and put everything back where it was so I can find it. Which means I will do my best to be a better poster, but I cannot make any guarantees.I don't mind the cleaning out, as I have been doing a lot of that lately. It's all good. The frustration comes in when my address book is nowhere to be found and my download of MS Office 2007 cannot be located. I paid for that damn thing, I want to use it. I have to put back all my signature lines and my electronic business card. thankfully, I have some of that saved on a flash drive. Thank the electronics gods for flash drives. I cannot speak better of them. I'm waiting until the 32G goes down a bit in price, then everything I own is going there. I have a lot of music and docs and pics that I don't want to lose. Isn't it scary how dependent we are on computers? Why don't we all try a computer free friday? I like that idea! What do you say? The world would cease to operate in most cases, but what the hell? All for sanity's sake I say!

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