30 March 2009

monday, monday

I was so busy catching up this weekend, I'd really rather take the week off and finish doing stuff around the house. I was cleaning, organizing and just having another house cleansing. It's really been great, but there is so much left to do. I removed some old window film and put on some frosted window film that looks great. Gila makes some good stuff. I bought some titanium kind for the front window and it helps keep out the heat, and my utility provider will give me a credit for doing so. Nate has been busy finishing his work on the computer, which is a job in itself. He's done GREAT! I bought a new cordless keyboard and mouse, which I LOVE, and now comes the tedious task of putting everything back on the computer as to where I had it. Don't worry, I still have all my great jewelry photos, It's just getting organized again. I have half a day off tomorrow, so I'll be busy with that.
gotta get ready for work...

28 March 2009

The Summit of Awesome

This just in...Hello Craft is putting together a Summit of Awesome May 1-May 3, 2009 in Washington, DC. The entire summit will take place in the independent shops, restaurants and bars in the MidCity area of D.C., along 14th and U Streets NW. This sounds like a great event as it's geared toward independent artists and crafters. The Summit of Awesome is 3 full days of seminars and hands-on workshops, which will provide business and technical education for those in the handmade arts community.

Some seminar topics include:
  • Business Identity and Branding
  • How to Green Your Craft
  • Small Business Basics
  • The Ins and Outs of Trade Shows
All great information for anyone, whether you've been doing this for awhile, or are just starting.

The Summit also includes the D.C. premiere showing of the Indie Craft Documentary film, Handmade Nation - it documents how the handmade community began and the shape its currently taking.

This sounds great. And I hear D.C. is beautiful that time of year.

27 March 2009

computer upgrade/reformatting

So my beloved, the computer geek, has reformatted and upgraded my computer, but this now means that I have to find everything again and put everything back where it was so I can find it. Which means I will do my best to be a better poster, but I cannot make any guarantees.I don't mind the cleaning out, as I have been doing a lot of that lately. It's all good. The frustration comes in when my address book is nowhere to be found and my download of MS Office 2007 cannot be located. I paid for that damn thing, I want to use it. I have to put back all my signature lines and my electronic business card. thankfully, I have some of that saved on a flash drive. Thank the electronics gods for flash drives. I cannot speak better of them. I'm waiting until the 32G goes down a bit in price, then everything I own is going there. I have a lot of music and docs and pics that I don't want to lose. Isn't it scary how dependent we are on computers? Why don't we all try a computer free friday? I like that idea! What do you say? The world would cease to operate in most cases, but what the hell? All for sanity's sake I say!

26 March 2009

Jewelry designer job

just for the heck of it, I did a search for orlando silver jewelry designers. I was hoping to locate and profile a local indie designer-that will be another day-but instead I came across a posting for a local job as a jewelry designer. I certainly didn't expect that. You need a bachelors, or equivalent business experience, you need to be able to draw, differentiate colors, and you need to be able to travel overnight, both domestically and internationally. Very interesting....if you want to check out the listing, click here.

23 March 2009


Here's a view of the centerpiece and the beads in the rosary. The links are all sterling silver, hand made and strung together by me. I've used section of chain to link the decades together to the single beads.

22 March 2009

rainbow chalk bead rosary

I made this rosary some time ago. I almost hate to part with it. I like the rainbow colors, and the very square cross. It's quite long, approx 23in/67cm in length. I like to make chains either really long or really short, so no surprise on this one. Sterling silver links in between all the beads. This will be posted on my etsy site later. I'm off to yoga!

18 March 2009

ID lanyards

If you haven't heard, I made my first sale on Etsy this past week of one of my ID lanyards. This photo shows my personal one for work. I like the square beads and the lips on the blue bordered round bead near the bottom of the photo. Can you see it? I think it's funny and kind of cute. These are all unique and one of a kind. Hand made by me with a heavy duty magnetic clasp at the end. This way if the chain catches on something, it will give but you won't have beads all over the floor and you won't end up doing the carpet crawl looking for all of them to be restrung. I've been wearing mine for 3 years now and I've restrung it once to add some different beads. I don't have to worry about it getting lost or stolen, everyone knows it's mine. Yeah; colorful, bright shiny objects are my thing...

14 March 2009

yard sale!

so today I am having a yard sale. I hope to get rid of a bunch of trash/treasure today, and what I don't is going to Goodwill. I've always thought that it's best to recycle and give to someone else who can use stuff that I'm not, than to just throw it away. This will free up some cash and space in my workshop. You know I'm big on recycling and in this economy, every little bit helps. Living through these tight times has given me pause to consider what I'm using and how it's being used, also it forces me to think of using things that I already have in a totally different way. This extends the life of the product/tool I'm using, I have one item that can be used for different things (I love the multitasking bit), and I don't end up spending money I really don't have.
I hope you all have a great day, whatever you're doing!

13 March 2009

photo problems

ok, I don't know what's going on...either it's blogger or the operator, but I could NOT up load a photo of the green butterfly ID lanyard that I sold. I really wanted to show it. Although, I do have another ID lanyard in my shop...

12 March 2009

my first Etsy sale!

Yay! I made my first Etsy sale! Some wonderful woman liked my green butterly ID lanyard so much she bought it! yay! see? money can be made in this economy! keep the faith people!

08 March 2009

red and jade and silver too

when I first started this, I didn't think jade and red would go together so well, but they do. I like the color combo, and of course, silver is great too.

06 March 2009

organic flower casting

I call this my organic flower casting. It reminds me of a flower and I've let it oxidize, so that's pretty organic to me. The green bead makes it even more earthy...

back in business...

ok, I have my camera back. I'm armed and ready...just you wait...

05 March 2009

charcoal casting

Ok, this photo is not the best example, but remember, I am without my camera. As soon as I get my camera back, I'll take some photos of a jewelry set I made from a charcoal casting. These are some heavy pieces, but the whole ensemble is one of my favorites. Stay tuned...

03 March 2009

Etsy metal charm swap bracelet

Etsy metal just finished their first ever charm swap bracelet and from the looks of this picture, it turned out pretty cool. This is a charm bracelet containing a charm from each participant in their first charm swap. Such a fun thing to do! Check out the link to look at the pieces submitted by all the talented designers, along with links to the artists etsy sites.

01 March 2009

everything for a reason

I know I've talked about this before, but it rings ever true for me recently. My personal relationship that just died was not to be in the first place, and so many others saw it but me, until recently. And the end of that relationship led me to the one I have now, which is more befitting of me and my lifestyle, goals and aims. It fits much better. I had to give up the car, which was purchased for me, which led me to the car I have now, which, at first, I was hesitant about, and now, I like much better. And to top it off, a rat has died behind my dishwasher. My beloved and I pulled out the dishwasher today, and found that the rat had chewed every possible plastic hose that was attached to the washer and now it is cheaper and easier to replace the washer than to buy and replace all the hoses. I also have to clean up behind the washer at the cabinets and this will give me a chance to do some good cleaning and repairing that has been badly needed. Needless to say, I've been preoccupied with other things recently. Sorry for the delay. I hope that everything that is happening to you lately has been for a good reason.