15 February 2009

yogi inspired jewelry

I started practicing yoga a few years ago and I found that it really suits me. My ballet training and flexibility have helped me in my yoga practice as I never expected, and I've found the spiritual aspect to be very appealing, it makes more sense to me. So since I have found yoga, I have also found yoga inspired jewelry by this company called Satya jewelry. They have some really beautiful pieces and they use gemstones to accentuate their jewelry.

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Dave Robertson said...

Hi graygirlstudios, thanks for the link to the yoga-inspired jewelry. I really like the idea, and when I surfed to their site I was instantly impressed with a stunning ear wire they're using. Kind of a fat sideways teardrop, or a cartoon talk-balloon...well, however you describe it, it's a lively, sinuous organic shape. Thanks again for the pointer. :)