24 February 2009

hug kiss love much

I'm feeling kinda sappy today, so I thought I'd post this key chain I made.
On a personal note, there's been a lot of death around me lately. (I hope I'm not attracting it!) A good friend's sister died unexpectedly saturday, someone was shot and killed in my neighborhood sunday night, softflexgirl posted that a friend was shot at work yesterday, and a personal relationship of mine has recently died. I guess I wish we could all just 'hug kiss love much' instead of fighting and dying all the time. Dying is part of life, I realize that, but fighting and killing, we don't have to do.
Soap box now kicked over...

20 February 2009

Soft Flex Company is going green!

I just read a great article about one of my favorite company's initiatives to go green! They are offering eco-friendly beading wire that is free of heavy metals and can be recycled! yay! I'm always up for recycling! If you visit their site, you can read more about the wire, their recycling practices at their company, and there is even a link to an article I wrote about how I reuse beads, baubles, and other interesting things, in some of the pieces I make. A big THANK YOU to the lovely Sara, from Soft Flex Company, for posting this information on her blog about the wire. She also posts about a contest/giveaway on Bead & Button's website where you can win an assortment of Soft Flex jewelry wire! Be sure to sign up!
Now...it's time for me to shop for eco-friendly wire!

15 February 2009

yogi inspired jewelry

I started practicing yoga a few years ago and I found that it really suits me. My ballet training and flexibility have helped me in my yoga practice as I never expected, and I've found the spiritual aspect to be very appealing, it makes more sense to me. So since I have found yoga, I have also found yoga inspired jewelry by this company called Satya jewelry. They have some really beautiful pieces and they use gemstones to accentuate their jewelry.

14 February 2009

Nudenite Orlando

Ok, I know this has nothing to do with jewelry, but this is one of the most fun things to do in Orlando and it only comes around once a year in February.
Every year, since 1997, there is an event called Nude Nite Orlando. From their webpage:

Nude Nite is a juried art exhibition with hundreds of artists celebrating the body beautiful by creating a bazaar-like atmosphere of artistic talents not only in photographs and paintings, but also in live body painting, sensual performances, shapely sculpture and experimental installations. The abundance of imagery makes Nude Nite a “must-see event.”

I've been going every year since it started. I'm all for watching the unusual, strange, bizarre, bohemian and just plain freaky, since it's so much fun, and this is no exception. Life is too short for the mundane. I highly recommend this. And what better day to go than Valentine's Day?

13 February 2009

Happenstance VI

I'm taking a break from all jewelry stuff in the next couple of days to tell you about a couple other artsy fartsy stuff that is near and dear to me. Some very good friends of mine run a dance studio and twice a year they run a show at their studio that showcases local choreographers, dancers, and other dance students, not just the ballet type.
Harwood-Watson dance studios runs Happenstance VI this weekend and it starts tonight. I'm not performing, but I do help backstage, when I'm not drinking wine and shuttling the dancers about to get them onstage. It's a small, intimate setting, but you see some great dance, you mix and mingle afterwards, and the monies received goes back to the dancers. A win-win for all!

12 February 2009

new cane glass beads

So I bought this assortment of cane glass beads from firemountaingems.com, because I love the colors of these beads and I like glass and they were on sale! can't beat that! These are the beads that I use in my ID lanyards, like in what I have for sale in my etsy shop.

05 February 2009

sister earrings

well, my sister said she received her earrings and really loves them. She was wearing a pair of the hoops I sent her. She said the colors of the swarovskis were much better in person. I'd say I'd have to agree. Swarovskis are beautiful crystals, my favorites, and they are the only ones I use. I'm glad she likes them.

03 February 2009

Fire Mountain Gems beading contest

I like Fire Mountain Gems. They have an extensive selection of beads, wire, tools and books, and their customer service is great. I received their latest catalog in the mail and they are advertising their Beading Contest 2009. They have some new categories this year, such as earrings and wedding. And besides the great gift certificates that are available to win, the possibility of national exposure is another great benefit.

02 February 2009

Fashion Find! Bernina & Readymade

Before I started in jewelry design, I was big into sewing. I still enjoy sewing, but don't get around to it as much. I like to take some material and turn it into something fabulous. Readymademag is one of my favorites and they have partnered with Bernina with some simple project ideas. Bernina has a contest running too! Check out their website for some cool, easy to make ideas.

01 February 2009

sister earrings

sterling silver hand formed hoops with twisted silver jumps rings soldered on for fancy effect.