27 January 2009

silver heavy gauge earrings

So I was working with some heavy gauge silver over the weekend, and thought I'd do something simple and make some earrings. I used my new Lortone tumbler, from Kingsley North, to clean and polish them so they looked fabulous. A friend of mine always wears silver tone earrings and I wanted to give her some nice silver ones to wear. I don't usually wear earrings this big, but they look good on her, and they turned out pretty good too.

I've found, that the more I make jewelry, and think of designs, the more I like simple things. A simple hoop, a simple hammered texture, a simple patina, can all make for beautiful, elegant, timeless jewelry. I'm not a very fancy girl, so simple is good, and can look great too. I'm finding I'm also making a lot of pieces that would be fit for guys, or tomboys too if you like. I've always been a bit of a tomboy, (I used to climb trees and play in the sandbox with my brothers and their dumptrucks back in the day), so these things I design make sense to me. Nice, simple designs that can be androgynous. It's always fun to keep people guessing.

More photos later of some girlie earrings I made my sister.

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