01 January 2009

New Years cleaning

I'm a big believer in getting rid of that which doesn't serve you anymore. Whether it's a physical object like clothes or unread books, or something intangible like an outgrown relationship or a friendship that is draining, it's good to release these things. I was busy for awhile after work yesterday. Here's my list:
  • vacuum and mop the floors
  • empty all trash bins
  • clean out drains in bathtubs and sinks (In order not to cause further harm to the planet, I use a natural combination of 1 cup baking soda, followed by a cup of vinegar, then boiling water to make sure it has all dissolved and the drain is open and working.)
  • clean closets of any clothes/shoes/hats/scarves/gloves/socks/handbags that are no longer being used, and haven't been in some time.
  • clean out fridge of unused food items. clean out cupboards of the same
  • wash all clothes in laundry basket
  • take down 2008 calendar
  • light sage smudge stick to clear out the house
  • open windows to let in fresh air (depending on where you live, you may not be able to do this part. I'm lucky enough to live someplace where I can.)
Now I like to keep things neat and orderly at my house, but it feels especially cathartic to do this on New Years eve. I've been known to be a sappy, sentimental fool, (which is good to keep some memories), but I've been holding on to some stuff from over 20 years ago that I finally decided to release. It was bittersweet, but great for my soul. This whole cleaning ceremony is great for my psyche and it refreshes the energy in my house. I'm sure this will be a challenging year for many reasons, but challenges can be good. It stretches your mind, body, talents and spirit and forms you into the person you're supposed to become. A life without trials is boring indeed.

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