21 September 2008

He will not let you fall

So this is a little zipper pull/key fob thingy I put together today. I have had this metal piece hanging off my keyring for ages. I decided to put it elsewhere for awhile, and now I am back to it. It reads "he will not let you fall" around the outside of the ring. It was originally on my airline ID that I had to wear, as a reminder that everything was already taken care of and to remember to have faith that he would not let me fall. (working for the airlines was always a very tenacious job for me. There was always the threat of a layoff~which did happen to me 3 times~and consequently after 9-11 my office closed. So I permanently lost my job.) I wanted to do it some justice so I thought I would make something out of it and VOILA! This beautiful thingy!