29 November 2008

jewelry school

This is James. He was great at soldering and fixing stuff. There is always a need for production repair jewelers.

28 November 2008

27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

To everyone domestic and abroad, let's all be Thankful for something today. Just like these turkeys.

26 November 2008

jewelry school

Here's Kimberly and Diana. This day we went to the graduation for someone else in our class who finished before us. This was 2004. Kimberly was such fun in class. She was always laughing and being silly and having a good time. She never took much too seriously, which is a great way to live. Kimberly always came up with the craziest ideas in class. She once made a HUGE belt buckle out of silver in the shape of a haunted house. It turned out great! She even wore it!

25 November 2008


I just found out that Winter Park Tech DOES offer the jewelry making and design class. I'm so glad. I was sad to say that and I didn't want to disappoint anyone, so I'm glad I'm wrong. My apologies.

jewelry school

During my time there, I came up with an idea to have a jewelry competition/sale there. One of the kids in class thought he was the 'king of rings' so I challenged him to put his money where his mouth was. During the month of December, all of us in class set up a table of our wares for all the other students to see and vote on. We had a winner for necklaces, a winner for rings, bracelets, etc. This is one of my friends from class, Alexis. She is very talented. She always came up with some very nice designs, and her execution of the final product was always beautiful.

24 November 2008

jewelry school

This is one of my classmates, Diana. She was very cool too. We had to take pictures the day we were working with the big torch. We were casting this day.

23 November 2008

jewelry school

This is me, back in the day. This was probably 2004. I had such a good time with the torch.

22 November 2008

jewelry school

I was checking to see if Winter Park Tech still offered the jewelry making and repair class that I took years ago, and come to find out, sadly, they don't! (I wonder if it has to do with the passage of Amendment 1). Anyway, I am heartbroken and sad that it is gone, but glad I had the opportunity to attend when I did. In honor of my time there, I'll be posting pictures! yay!
This is/was my teacher, Albert Pagan. He's a very cool guy. We had a lot of fun there.

21 November 2008

quote 'o the day

I always remind myself of this when I don't believe things are going the way I think they should. And as it turns out, the universe is always correct.

16 November 2008

craft wire

I have some of this craft wire. It's good for holding some stuff together, if your fingers can't quite do the trick. or to use with the kids. It's pretty inexpensive and does help out in a pinch. You can find it at one of my favorite s

14 November 2008

quote o' the day

I really like this one. If everyone lived this way, we all would be happier and more peaceful. I say give it a try. You can find this as a magnet here.

12 November 2008

what's in my jewelry box?

This is the collection of stuff I wear most often. Some I've made, some I've bought. It's all very cool.

11 November 2008

fun jewelry

This is my collection of really fun jewelry. Some I've purchased, most has been given to me, by those that love me and thought the jewelry reminded them of me. How cool is that?

10 November 2008

vintage jewelry

This is my collection of vintage jewelry. Some I've found, some were my grandmothers, all are beautiful. I like all the pretty colors...

09 November 2008

yoga outside

We suffer through the heat, humidity and hurricane threatened summers in order to enjoy the beautiful, temperate winters here in Florida, and that's just what I did yesterday. I had yoga in the park. Scotty joined me of course!

08 November 2008

corrections and apologies...

I have referenced Metalcyberspace before in my blog, for jewellry design contests. It's a great site full of helpful and insightful information, not just about contests, but schools, magazines, galleries and events. The lovely lady that hosts that site, Susan Sarantos, an accomplished jeweler in her own right, advises me that Metalcyberspace is written all together as one word. My apologies. I hope this didn't cause too much confusion for you all.

I wonder if this is a self portrait of Susan? It's very cute!

04 November 2008


I don't care what your political proclivities are, this is a very important election, whichever way it goes. Get out and vote, if you haven't already.

03 November 2008

widget chain

and here's the chain I made from it. It actually clasps at the front of the chain. I used a 5mm wide black rubber cord for the bracelet and chain, and I didn't want to break up the rubber cording, as I like it to be one piece. So as you can see in the photo, the clasp, when wearing it, is on the left side of the body.

02 November 2008

macro widget view

He tells me that these are not correctly stamped widgets, so they are not good to send out for distribution. I think they look cool.

01 November 2008

machine widgets

So I got these widgets from someone near and dear to me and I decided to make something from them. (He gave them to me in good faith, so I have to make good on my promise!) I made this bracelet from one of the widgets. I've made a necklace and earrings from them too. I'll post them later.