04 October 2008

slacker poster

I have been such a slacker lately about posting. I think all this great cooler weather lately has been keeping me outdoors and not at my bench. We can actually have the windows open and let the house air out. It's great. We'll have the windows open until April of next year, unless it drops to the 40's, which it has done before. I'm not complaining mind you, we just don't get it very often, thankfully. See, this is why we tolerate the heat, humidity and hurricanes in the summertime, to enjoy the temperate weather in the winters. We stay inside in the summer, and go outside in the winters. Just the opposite of the northerners.
This is a photo from my front yard, which I was working in today. My dog was digging holes, helping me dig up some roots that need to come out. Such a good dog. I really like my yard, so I've been enjoying it lately. I'll be back to regular self shortly...

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