30 October 2008

Apartment Art this weekend!

I just found this arts & crafts show this Sunday from 11a-5p @ Austin Coffee & Film in tony Winter Park, Florida. There will be crafters and musicians, treats and sweets! Jewelers too! Check out their myspace page if you can't make it. The weather has been tony too, so make it if you can!

26 October 2008

pink ribbon

I met a woman at work the other day who works with our local cancer center and she loved my ID lanyard that I made for myself, and she asked if I would be willing to make some for their shop, as a donation and a way to promote myself. I thought that would be a great idea! Since my grandmother died of breast cancer, this would be a way to recognize Grandma and do something great too! I am awaiting to hear back from her regarding the details, but I will keep you posted.

24 October 2008

VegFest Orlando 2008!

I know this doesn't have anything to do with jewelry, but this is a cool vegetarian/vegan fest that we have every year here. I looked for something to do with jewelry on their site, but I couldn't find anything. Nonetheless, it's a good thing to do today.

20 October 2008

Obama in Orlando

Yeah, I know this isn't the greatest photo, but this is as close as I could get. Obama was downtown tonight, and since I work downtown, it wasn't that far for me to go. There were thousands of people there, the best people watching in a long time. Very cool vibe. If you squint, or blow up the photo, you can see him...
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15 October 2008

new stuff

Ok, so I made some more earrings similar to what I've already posted this week. It's too late to take any good photos, so you'll just have to wait in suspense until later this week. Can you hold out that long? I appreciate your patience, and thank you for your support.

12 October 2008

blue wire earrings

I'm going to make a necklace to go with these. This will be a gift for a friend at work. She wears these kind of earrings a lot. It looks good on her.

06 October 2008

ideas from nature

So I've been looking for some inspiration lately and I like to be outside, so I thought I would try taking some pictures of interesting things in nature that I can work with. I like the shape of this tree. I thought of cutting this from a pattern into a silver sheet, just to see what comes out.

04 October 2008

slacker poster

I have been such a slacker lately about posting. I think all this great cooler weather lately has been keeping me outdoors and not at my bench. We can actually have the windows open and let the house air out. It's great. We'll have the windows open until April of next year, unless it drops to the 40's, which it has done before. I'm not complaining mind you, we just don't get it very often, thankfully. See, this is why we tolerate the heat, humidity and hurricanes in the summertime, to enjoy the temperate weather in the winters. We stay inside in the summer, and go outside in the winters. Just the opposite of the northerners.
This is a photo from my front yard, which I was working in today. My dog was digging holes, helping me dig up some roots that need to come out. Such a good dog. I really like my yard, so I've been enjoying it lately. I'll be back to regular self shortly...