30 September 2008


I made this back in the day in jewelry school. I kind of like it for my icon. I even made a mold of it for future use!

28 September 2008

birthday weekend over

So, I have enjoyed a great 4 day weekend from work to celebrate my birthday. Now, off I go. For some reason, my voice is gone. It's not like I did a lot of partying and screaming and lost my voice. Sometimes this happens. Instead of catching a cold, I just lose my voice. It's weird. Give me a few days, it'll be back.

25 September 2008

Happy Birthday!

A big happy birthday to me! I am off work today, getting a massage and being a lazy bum. It's my birthday, I can, so there.

24 September 2008

swarovski cubes

so here is my latest purchase of swarovski cube crystals. I really like cubes for some reason. Those and the bicones. So they are on my bench looking beautiful until something fabulous becomes them.

22 September 2008

green agate

ok, so I'm not exactly sure if these are green agate or not, but they look like it. I have also, had these green stones for a long time. I really like them, and I have had them temporarily on some silver wire, ready and waiting for something magical to happen to them. Finally today, after all this time and neglect, I made these fabulous earrings out of them. I like the round ear wires, they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. I hand made the head pins by heating the ends of the wire to make a bead on the end. Pretty easy instead of buying silver ear wires. I can make eye pins too. Those don't require heat, obviously. I like to play with fire, though, so head pins are more fun. (Don't worry, I do have a fire extinguisher near my bench. )

21 September 2008

He will not let you fall

So this is a little zipper pull/key fob thingy I put together today. I have had this metal piece hanging off my keyring for ages. I decided to put it elsewhere for awhile, and now I am back to it. It reads "he will not let you fall" around the outside of the ring. It was originally on my airline ID that I had to wear, as a reminder that everything was already taken care of and to remember to have faith that he would not let me fall. (working for the airlines was always a very tenacious job for me. There was always the threat of a layoff~which did happen to me 3 times~and consequently after 9-11 my office closed. So I permanently lost my job.) I wanted to do it some justice so I thought I would make something out of it and VOILA! This beautiful thingy!

20 September 2008

FDJ on time

sorry I've been such a slacker lately about posting. I'm usually not this bad. Anyway, I went to FDJ today to pick up my goods that I ordered earlier in the week. They let me bring Scotty inside too! They are so good about that. They even had scooby snacks for him! yay! I really like the way I can order from FDJ and I can go pick it up later in the week. They are open saturdays now from 9a-12 noon, so it's real convenient. Nice people too, very helpful.

15 September 2008

American Science & Surplus

I know I've posted about American Science & Surplus before, and scanning their website, I came across this cool exacto knife-type set. Now, I cannot say how well it works, as I haven't bought it, but with the advertising and drawn images of this thing, it damn near sells itself! Check it out!

14 September 2008

FDJ tool

I know that I've wrote about this store before. I used to buy all my supplies here when I was in jewelry school. They have a pretty good deal on these velvet pouches. I thought these would be good to put my jewelry in when I sell it. I had though of boxes, but I like to be able to reuse things, and these pouches are good for keeping your jewelry in when you go on trips, or in your purse, gym bag, or just to keep from the elements. They are great to give as part of the gift too! I know I've had boxes with jewelry in them, but I end up getting rid of the boxes. Too bulky. and I never reused them.

12 September 2008

well behaved women...

I think this is great. Words I try to live by every day. You can buy this, in many forms, through Northern Sun.

10 September 2008

Ugly necklace contest finalists

This is Christina Zawadecki, from Orlando, who was a finalist in this years Ugly Necklace Contest as sponsored by Landofodds.com. I was quite pleased to see a fellow Orlando resident make the cut!

07 September 2008

Blue flower ID chain

Another ID chain I made the other day. This has a little blue flower bead in it, hence the name. This also has a heavy duty magnetic clasp to it also. I really like these, as I've posted about before. Very good quality.

06 September 2008

men's chain

My husband was kind enough to model the rubber cording with washers that I showed you earlier. Yes, he is a bit sunburnt. I think it looks rugged and manly! Rrrrraaaaarrr!

Great Turtle key ring

This little wooden house was part of a key ring I bought in Great Turtle key many many years ago. It broke, but I wanted to keep the house. I finally found some cool beads to add to it to make it a key ring again. I like it.

03 September 2008

present for Mom

This is the necklace I made. Same AB beads from the earrings, along with some swarovskis. Mom wears a lot of blue and denim, so I thought these would match with most of her clothes.

02 September 2008

present for mom

This is part of Mom's birthday present. I bought some black wire from softflex, strung these AB beads on them and VOILA! pretty earrings! Simple and easy to make! I have a matching bracelet and necklace also.
More to come...

01 September 2008

Softflex article

Ok kids! That's right! It's that time of year again for another FAB-u-lous installment of an article by ME! As you know from the past, I write articles every now and then for the Softflex company, a great jewelry supply co. You can check out my latest article, running for my birthday month, September, HERE.