30 July 2008

cork board

I made this corkboard from corks I got at a local food and wine festival. This festival is great, you walk around and drink and eat and drink and eat, all the while, sampling food and wine from different countries. This year, I'm going to go towards the end of the festival so I don't sweat too much. Anyway, this is where I hang inspiration and ideas that come to me. I came across the empty frame, purchased some board for backing and bought some industrial strength glue at the hardware store and glued those suckers on. This is great! Original and functional! I like it!

29 July 2008

mens chain

I used split rings between the metal end pieces to make sure it would securely stay in place. Jump rings are good, but something like this will probably get a lot of wear and I didn't think jump rings would be the most secure way to attach the 2 pieces. I think it still gives a nice look to the piece.

28 July 2008

finished cording

So here's what I finished from the piece of rubber cording that I showed you the other day. It measures a total length of 22" or 55cm. I'll have to get an action shot for you. I'll post it later.

27 July 2008

Readymade mag and Rust-oleum

I am so very excited! My new edition of Readymade magazine came in the mail today and look what I found on the inside! A project with luggage and rustoleum! I am thrilled! You know, from my previous post, that I have wanted to paint my trunk case, and this gives me some great ideas! AND they are having a contest! You know I like a challenge...

26 July 2008


Now you get to see the side of my head; very exciting. I made these the other day. They are not meant to go together, but I had them on for testing purposes.
These are both made from sterling; the one in the foreground is 20ga with a swarovski 4mm cube in padparasha color. (I like that word! It's fun to say!)
The one in the background is 18ga wire shaped into a hoop and hammered. I am testing out an earpost incorporating the earwire, itself, as the post. So far, so good, it hasn't fallen out of my ear yet. I think I'm going to give this one a patina in liver of sulfur. (That's a funny word too, I didn't know that sulfur had a liver.)

25 July 2008

washers and rubber cording

I like these washers. They're a bit off center, which I think is cool. I'm going to attach the rubber cord to some left over leather cord. I think it will be a nice complementary contrast. I like to make this industrial looking stuff. I think it's pretty cool for guys.

23 July 2008

twisted jump rings

Here's a better photo of the twisted jump rings I started working with this weekend. I am going to solder them shut for a seamless look. very nice.

22 July 2008

what's on my bench this week?

This is what I'm working on lately. Some twisted jump rings fashioned into some simple chain maille design, some head pins, and a piece of rubber cording with washers for a very industrial look. Not quite finished with any of them, if you notice, but as jewelers, we always have works in progress, right?

21 July 2008

GIMP image manipulation program

My sister turned me on to this site. It's called GIMP for Image Manipulation Program. I've used it several times and I really like it. Not too difficult to use, good help, and it's freeware. They ask for a donation, so why don't you give a little to show your love for such a great program?

20 July 2008

Jewelry Making HQ

I found this site with loads of information on jewelry making and selling. It includes lots of how-tos for marketing, selling and pricing. A good read. Easy, quick and to the point. Check them out at JewelryMakingHQ.

19 July 2008

The Artistic Hand

So today I am taking a trip out to the Artistic Hand in Oviedo, Florida, where I sell my jewelry. Dell is keeping the place running on his own now since his wife, Barbara, died a few months ago. I don't mean to bring anyone down, but that is what happened. He's hanging in there. I really like this old house. It is an historic house in Oviedo, covered by some large trees and beautiful landscaping. My house almost looks as covered. They have a bit more land though as they have a ceramics workshop out back. It's really a great place.

17 July 2008

Wild Wire Women workshop

I really like this lady's jewelry and she has some great techniques. You can visit her blog here.

Every so often she hosts workshops at her home in Idyllwild, California. I found one called a Wild Wire Women workshop. There are several dates to choose from. It looks like a lot of fun and a really nice place.

16 July 2008

fishy bookmarks

I like these little fishy bookmarks. Brown rubber cording with fishes on one end, and wood beads on the other. They measure 13" (33cm) total length. It looks like they are all swimming together!

15 July 2008

trunk case tools

Here's some of the tools I carry around: I have 2 Fiskars paper punches; one that punches a long rectangle, the other a small hole. These are so very handy for punching holes in the hang tags I use to show off the jewelry. I have one selvyt cloth and another polishing cloth. Along with poly bags, a pen, small stapler, business cards and cloth cinch close bags that I give away with purchases.

14 July 2008

trunk case

In order to carry my pieces about town, and not make it look like I have some valuable stuff on me, I bought an old trunk case at the thrift store. This one is sturdy and still in good shape. It has an extra tray on the inside for tools and jewels, and the mirror is still intact. I'd really like to repaint it something cool, but that's for another time.

13 July 2008

lazy sunday

It was raining for most of the day yesterday, and it's expected to rain most of today too. Big surprise, it's summer in Florida. It's the kind of day where I'd like to nap all day, like my girl Rogue here. I don't know how she sleeps like this, but she seems comfortable. If I practice yoga more often, I'll be just like her.

12 July 2008

New student scholarship 2008

The Revere Academy is offering a new student scholarship for 2008. You can find the link for the application here. I'm going to apply. You never know. And if I don't make it this year, I'll try again next year. This jewelry arts academy is widely and well known, in the heart of San Francisco. I like San Francisco. If I had money I'd live there. It is a very cool place.

11 July 2008

quote o' the day

"Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible." – Cadet Maxim
I keep a journal of ideas, drawings, inspirations, receipts, techniques, purchases, pictures, stickers, measurements, and dates and times of pieces I've thrown together. I think the quote on this one is particularly good and inspiring. You can find it here at quotablecards.com

10 July 2008

4th of July

I know this has nothing to do with jewelry, but I wanted to show my brothers dog. She is the cutest thing! She's only 4 months old and has very soft fur and likes to lick your face. Her name is Zoe. I got to hold her. She looks like a gremlin here. A cute gremlin though.

03 July 2008

4th of July vacation

Greetings fellow Americans! (and any international visitors!)
I will be on vacation from July 3-July 9, so, sadly, I will not be posting during that time. I'm going to relax, enjoy the summer up north, and watch a 4th of July parade. I did find an interesting link about our 4th of July holiday. For some facts, and fun, check out this link by our government.

02 July 2008

black AB with moons

These I've had for awhile, these are my personal pair. These are black AB crystals with round sterling silver accent beads. These are hand formed as well, not heated and quenched, but with a patina. When trying out a new design, I always make a pair for myself, as a test product. I try out different working techniques and I wear them to test for wearability, style and design. If all three are a go, I make more.

01 July 2008

lavendar swarovskis

Here is another pair I was working on the other day. You may have seen them in my bench photo. These are swarovskis also with sterling silver round accent beads on hand formed wire. These were heated and quenched as well, but not given a patina, as in yesterdays photo.