30 June 2008

Two satellites

These I call two satellites, as that's what they look like to me. These are hand formed sterling silver ear wires with a hammered finish and patina, accented with swarovski crystals. The crystals have a mirror finish on one side, and clear on the other. I heated and quenched the silver 3 times in order to harden it. I know that over time, working with the silver will harden it, but for first time use I wanted to give it some extra strength.

29 June 2008

what's on my bench

So I was working at the bench today, and I thought I'd take a picture of what's going on there. It looks like a mess, and I'll bet most peoples benches look the same. I've seen a few, and they do. Some earrings I'm working on, some head pins, and the usual necessary tools and supplies.

28 June 2008

Florida rain

So it is that time of year again when it rains every day. Big rain. Rain so hard it hurts when it hits you. Rain you run from, you don't stay outside. Rain with big lightning that scares you, not the kind that makes you "oooh" and "aaah". I tried to get a decent picture of it, but this is what I got from my backyard.

25 June 2008

jewelry class

So this is me in jewelry class, back in the day. I had such a good time in class. I wish it would have continued on forever. I had a great group of people to work with and I still keep in touch with some of them. It was a small school, so I got to know the director, and other students in different classes. We set up a jewelry show and competition in our class. We would set up all that we had done on our own tables, and everyone from the school would come by and vote for their favorite ring, bracelet, necklace, and 'other'. It was fun. We also sold our wares during the holiday season. Hey! tools and supplies aren't cheap for us broke students!

23 June 2008

kitty in the bench

So this is our cat, Rogue, who has to get into everything. She seems to have made herself at home in my bench tray. This is the only time she's done this thankfully. There's too much dust and dirt and smelly stuff in there, that she doesn't need to be hanging out in there alot. She claims everything in our house by rubbing her face on whatever it is in front of her, so I guess this is no exception. She's a funny girl!

21 June 2008

large earrings

These are some large earrings, but they are not heavy. You barely notice them. The wood and shell beads give it a nice swing. Hand made sterling silver ear wires are simple and classy. I like these.

19 June 2008

rainbow rosary

Here's a rainbow rosary I made some time ago. All sterling silver, handmade links. I love the colors of the beads, and the square cross. Not quite like what I had growing up, but beautiful nonetheless.

18 June 2008

ID chain

Have I shown you this? This is an example of ID chains I make. This one in particular, is my own personal one I wear to work. I use a high quality jewelry wire, such as Softflex original 49 strand wire, and a heavy duty magentic clasp, so that if it gets caught, it will pull away from your neck, but will stay intact. No fun trying to pick up all those small beads in company carpet!

17 June 2008

summer jewelry camps

Just on a whim, I thought I would look up arts/jewelry camps for fun. Heck, there are all kinds of camps now for kids, not just the rustic, live-in-a-tent kind. I found this site with a listing of many jewelry making camps. Wow! What I wouldn't give to have had something like that when I was growing up! You can check out the site HERE.

16 June 2008

Readymade mag

You know, if I haven't talked about this magazine already, I am ashamed of myself. I have had this magazine since issue 3 and I just love it. If you haven't looked at Readymade mag yet, you need to. Now they offer a digital issue. You can go to readymade.com/digitaledition and check it out! so cool!

14 June 2008

craftster challenge #29

I just love the title on some of their pages...
any way, they have their Craftster Challenge #29 ~ Childhood heroes now listed. This is a funny one for me. I always liked Wonder Woman and Cat Woman. Very cool. They could kick some butt. Bat Girl? Not so sure. She was hanging with the guys, so I don't know if that counts. But the first two had their own gear and tools, they could do their own damn thing. I liked them. Still do.

check out the challenge here.

12 June 2008

Revere Academy of Jewelry arts

This is a good school for jewelry arts located in San Francisco. It is internationally known. The founder and director, Alan Revere, is very talented. We studied from a couple of his tapes when I was in school. This school also offers a new student scholarship. You can get to the link to apply by clicking here.

11 June 2008


This page of metal cyberspace is dedicated to design contest, jewelry competitions and awards for metal artists. I check it out every so often to see what's new. Since I like to play with metal, I might as well try to win an award or two. (It looks good on your resume.)

10 June 2008

women's jewelry association

This here site is the Women's Jewelry Association. Here's some info from their site telling what they're all about. I'll let them tell it best:

WJA, founded in 1983, is the preeminent association of professional women in the jewelry, watch and related businesses. Through the national organization, headquartered in Chicago Ridge, Illinois, and a network of eleven regional chapters, members benefit from educational and networking opportunities, scholarships, design competitions and recognition programs.

They have conferences, awards, grants and scholarships. Hey, we can all use some extra cash right? It's nice to have such an association, don cha think?

09 June 2008

groove salad at somafm.com

So I had a jewelry party the other night, and I had somafm.com playing in my media room and it went over like gangbusters!!! It was the coolest! I thought that was the most awesome compliment that I, or somafm, could have ever received, that I just had to share it. I hope that if you haven't listened, and donated, that you will soon. Now I have to get to bed because the cosmo's are making it difficult to type.

08 June 2008

cog and pearl

So I found this site the other day. I thought it was pretty cool. I like the site design and the jewelry it features. Beautiful stuff. I don't know exactly why they named it cog and pearl, of all things, but the name has quite a ring to it. Check them out at cogandpearl.com

07 June 2008


I know I've mentioned this site before, but it is hands down my favorite. they play the best music and it's all commercial free. It's only commercial free if you donate, so please, check them out and make a donation. You can get a really cool t-shirt if you give $50 or more. If you go to their t-shirt page, you can see me in a red t-shirt. It was New Year's Eve last year, and I had one too many cosmo's that my friend made. You'll have to scroll down to almost the bottom of the page to see me. I am taking a picture of myself, looking at something besides the camera, and there is an album cover that reads "I love Paris" in the background. It's kinda funny. check me out! I'm so crazy!

05 June 2008

Soft Flex company

I have to give a big shout out to Sara at Soft Flex company. (Am I showing my age? Does anyone say 'shout out' anymore?) Anyway, Sara left me a very sweet post on this here blog the other day. Check out my post for June 1; you'll see.
thank you Sara! you're the best!

04 June 2008

Land of Odds

This is a funny little site, but they seem to do a lot of business. They have an ugly necklace contest every year that brings out the worst in everyone. It's the best! You can win some cool stuff from them! I have only found 2 sites so far that offer coil clasps for large cording. You know I like to use rubber cording, and this coil is the easiest to use and looks the best; I think. Check out Land of Odds and see what you think.

03 June 2008

pendant showcases

I thought this was pretty cool too. It is a site that sells glass pendant showcases, so you can fill it with whatever you want to show off. They have many styles and shapes to choose from. You can check them out here.

02 June 2008

Big Ass book of Crafts

yeah, can you believe it? I like crafts and I realize this is primarily a jewelry blog, but the title of this book keeps me laughing. I think it's great and I'm sure it is a big ass book. It even looks like it. I found this book on the craftster.com site under the blog link. They host contests from time to time and this was the prize from the last contest. I wish I would have paid attention so I could have tried for this prize. How funny is that? Quite a conversation piece on the coffee table, eh?

01 June 2008

Soft Flex article

That's right kids! It's that time of year again where I write an article for Soft Flex company. They sell great wire here and the site is full of sales, ideas and help in any wire/bead jewelry need. You can find my latest article here. You can also do a search there under article archives to look up past article's I've written. Enjoy!