25 May 2008

Torn up t-shirt

So today is my last day volunteering for the Fringe festival. It has been a wild ride and I will be glad to see it over. I have learned a lot there, being backstage, but I am glad to relax. After I'm done tonight, I'm going to have a drink with my friend Chris. Since neither one of us have to work tomorrow, I'm going to sleep in. I'll have stuff to do, but I am glad to have an extra day off. I'll have to post a picture of my torn up t-shirt I wear at the Fringe. All the volunteers get a t-shirt and for some reason, I got a large. This large is too large and too mannish so I tore it up and made it look cool and fit right. I know this has nothing to do with jewelry, but I am quite impressed with the way it turned out and I've received many compliments, and questions, about it. Thank God it's purple and not orange like last year. Yuck, orange is just not a good color for me.

I'll show you later. have a great night!

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