20 May 2008

New Computer!

So we had a computer built for us. Nothing fancy, it works and does what we need it to do. It runs much faster since it is new and updated. I really like it. So now comes the fun part where we get to import everything from our last drive onto this one, such as the address book, saved emails, photos, music, and other such applications. fun, fun. I'd rather have my teeth worked on. I don't know if it's the program or something else was done, but all the typeface seems bigger too! (I'll bet guys would like to hear stuff looks bigger...)

I digress...since I'm catching up on stuff, I won't have any new pictures up here for a few days. I hope by this weekend, and I know how much you all love the pictures. It sure makes looking at a blog much more fun, doesn't it? I promise we all will be up and running again soon!

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