05 May 2008

Aura colors

So John and I went to a Body, Mind, Spirit expo in town the other day. These are fun to go to. There are always such interesting people to talk to there. I had another aura photo taken today. This picture, to the right, is not it. This one here was taken years ago, and I know you can't see me for all the red and orange, but I wanted to point out that the photo I had taken today has red and orange in it also, which denotes a creative power. The lady who took it asked if I was doing anything creative and, of course, I mentioned my jewelry. She talked about doing it at the type venue where she was, using stones and even crystals. Funny thing was, someone had told me the same thing a few years ago. It was nice to have this lady confirm what someone else told me before, which means to me that it holds some validity. God/Spirit/Inner voice is telling me what I should know, and really, already do on some level. I thought that was very cool. If you want to know more about auras and their colors, you can go here. I found a site that also states the Earth has an aura! This info comes from a bonafide official NASA site! you can check that out here.

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