10 April 2008

Fire Mountain Gems

I know I have this site listed on my links, but I wanted to share with you as well. Fire Mountain Gems has been around for a loooooong time. They have a humongous catalog of the widest selection of beads and findings I have ever seen. Looking for jade? carnelian? swarovskis? they got 'em! Great customer service and you can chat with a rep online! very cool! they are located on the west coast, so considering where you are, time may be a factor. Nevertheless, a great site.


Barbara said...

I buy almost all of my gemstones from Fire Mountain -- especially pearls and jaspers.

Charlene said...

they have some of the best stuff, don't they? their catalogs are huge! I wish they had more of a selection of silver, and some large hole beads. I'll have to check their site today.
have a great day!