02 April 2008

crafty site of the day

I've been checking out this crafty site of the day gadget. It's a downloadable gadget for Vista or Google desktop. Very cool as it features crafty sites such as bloggers, artists, craft organizations and retail stores. The gadget includes a screenshot, brief description & link to the featured site. Users can also suggest crafty sites to be featured.

To read more about the Crafty Site of the Day gadget & download it, click on this link:



Beth of EucalyptusHandmade said...

Hey, thanks! I really appreciate this plug for my gadget! I want to feature your jewelry shop as a site of the day, but I see your Etsy shop is empty. Planning to restock it anytime soon?

graygirlstudios said...

You betcha! Work and school have kept me busy at present~you know~but I will soon. I'm working on some new stuff. Can I email you when it's up and ready?
thanks for thinking of me!