29 April 2008

fort de soto shell necklace

Here is an example of one of the shells from our Fort De Soto trip made into a necklace. The hole for the wire was nature made, which I thought was pretty cool. Copper wire for a natural feel and rubber cord, well, because I like it.

28 April 2008


I like the quiet around the house, but most often I like some kind of background noise, but nice noise. I don't like TV so much. Too much chatter and nothing important coming through, you know? So I like to have on some music. I found this streaming, commercial free music site. I. LOVE. IT. This is my favorite station, Groove Salad. You can find it at Somafm.com. I make regular donations to the site to keep the music coming. If you check them out and feel the same, please make a donation. I'd hate to lose them.

27 April 2008

Softflex article

So April is almost over; have you checked out my article yet? feel free to send any comments or queries my way...

26 April 2008

she finds sea shells by the sea shore...

So John and I were on a short vacation this week to Fort De Soto Park. They have an off leash dog beach there, so, of course, we took our dog, Scotty. Scotty likes to go fishing, so while he was fishing~and I was pointing out the fish to him~I found some pretty shells. A few of them already had circular holes in them, which I thought was very convenient and considerate of the animal that did that! A good time was had by all.

20 April 2008

Stamping set

So I'm looking for a stamp set and I found this site while searching. They offer different sizes and can make them in any font also! very cool! I think I'm going to get the 3/32". Not too tiny and still can fit on small things. Check them out!

Infinity Stamps

I am taking a break for a couple days. A well deserved and needed one. I will be back later in the week!
Miss you! mean it!

19 April 2008

Winter Park gator

This is a full side view of the artistic gator on Park Ave in Winter park. It has all these great inspirational, artistic sayings on it, like the child one I posted on March 28. I like the bright colors, and he looks so happy!

17 April 2008

brilliant champion boy key ring

I bought a slew of these plastic word beads and I'm having a lot of fun with them. There are single words on each side, and sometimes the words are quite contrary and anti-complementary to each other, which makes it funny! (to me anyway) This is one set that makes sense though; one side reads "brilliant', the other "champion"

15 April 2008

14 April 2008

Totem head

Running along the same theme as yesterday, this one reminds me of a face on a totem pole. Kinda funny, huh?

13 April 2008

Goddess necklace

Running along the same theme as yesterday, I call this the Goddess necklace. I know she's a goddess, I just don't know which one. I like it just the same.

12 April 2008

Little Buddha

I made this little Buddha necklace the other day. I like Buddha. He's such a fat and happy little guy. (Well, not really little, but you get my meaning.) Rubber cord (my FAV~orite at the moment) and some resin beads.

11 April 2008

snail shells

I made this picture really big on purpose, so you can get a good idea of what the shells look like. These are typical of snail shells that are in the lakes here. The birds usually bring the snails to shore and eat them, to leave the shells behind. I find these all the time on my journeys to the lake with my dog, Scotty. I am in the process of making them into a mobile. I thought it would look very cool/neat/interesting/organic/natural/lively. I figured I'd use small branches to hang the shells from. It's still in the planning stages as I'd like to retain the natural look of it without adding too many extraneous findings. I'll figure it out.

10 April 2008

Fire Mountain Gems

I know I have this site listed on my links, but I wanted to share with you as well. Fire Mountain Gems has been around for a loooooong time. They have a humongous catalog of the widest selection of beads and findings I have ever seen. Looking for jade? carnelian? swarovskis? they got 'em! Great customer service and you can chat with a rep online! very cool! they are located on the west coast, so considering where you are, time may be a factor. Nevertheless, a great site.

09 April 2008

new lamp

So I bought me a new bench lamp and it is the best! It is such fresh, bright light! I'm very excited, if you can't tell. And it was on sale! you can't beat that! I bought it, of course, from one of my favorite sites, Kingsley North. Check 'em out!

08 April 2008

FDJ tool

so when I was going to jewelry school, this was our supply store. It was just a few blocks away, and if we needed something or just felt like shopping, which happened frequently, we would go there. They got to know us by name, of course. You can visit their site here.

07 April 2008

Winter Park Tech

So I didn't go to a fancy university for a Bachelor in Fine Arts to learn about jewelry making. I think I would have liked that, but I just didn't. So I went to a local tech school and got lernt there. It was the best fun I have ever had going to school; beside high school. It is a nice school in a really nice city; small campus, a real community feel. I got to know the faculty and the principal. I really like it.

05 April 2008

Magnetic Primer Paint

Hey, this is the coolest thing! It's magnetic primer paint!
The advert reads:

Rust-Oleum Specialty Magnetic latex primer is a dark gray colored base coat that allows you to create a surface that attracts magnets almost anywhere. Can be applied to wood, metal, masonry, drywall, and plaster. Create a fun and unexpected way to hang notes, photos and more.
Indoor use only
Top coat with any latex paint or even Chalkboard paint.

I love it! I have to get some! I can see it now...my tools and pliers hanging off the wall in front of my bench, easy to see and reach...awesome! You can go the Rust-oleum site and look for yourself.

04 April 2008

Indie Fixx Shop

This is a cute site! I like the layout, colors, merchandise, and the little bunnies are the best!

Check them out!

Indie Fixx Shop

03 April 2008

Anything Indie

Anything Indie is another blog that showcases independent designers. I came across this site today and it showcased these gorgeous decoupaged glass pieces that are soldered together. You know I love anything from Europe and these just happened to be featuring Paris! and they are reversible, which makes it even more wonderful!

02 April 2008

crafty site of the day

I've been checking out this crafty site of the day gadget. It's a downloadable gadget for Vista or Google desktop. Very cool as it features crafty sites such as bloggers, artists, craft organizations and retail stores. The gadget includes a screenshot, brief description & link to the featured site. Users can also suggest crafty sites to be featured.

To read more about the Crafty Site of the Day gadget & download it, click on this link:


01 April 2008

New Article!

Yes kids, it's that time again for the Soft flex article of the month authored by none other than ~ ME! That's right folks, for the month of April you can read with awe and amazement the remarkable writings of ~ ME! To check it out, along with some lovely photos, go HERE.
And thank you for your support.