31 March 2008

Bead Lounge

I like this place. It's good some good stuff and it's in a neat part of town. It's across the street from Stardust video and coffee. The bead lounge has no sitting fee too! You can't beat that! Check them out here.

30 March 2008

Dedication to Barbara

I found this in our local paper about Barbara Walker-Seaman, who, with her husband Del, run The Artistic Hand in Oviedo where I show my work. A nice read...

28 March 2008

words of inspiration for today

I think this says it all.

Enjoy your weekend!
Many blessings, creativity and peace to you!

27 March 2008

i love blocks

This lady makes some great stuff out of shrinky dinks. It's very cool. I remember playing with shrinky dinks as a kid. I still have some as jewelry. I know that Michael's craft store still carries the stuff. You can also go to the shrinky dinks website and order some instead of using some very expensive gas to go get some. Just a thought.

26 March 2008

Crafty Style gala

This is part of the Craft Con going on in SF (of course) next weekend. This is a new, and very inventive, idea I think. It's not just a conference where you get together and buy stuff. This is a business conference for crafty people. I think it's great. See? All the really cool stuff is out in SF. If I had money, I'd live there. Anyone wanna sponsor me? Check out the website for more info on the gala (at the bottom of the picture)

25 March 2008

Stray Creative

This girl makes some interesting stuff. She is local~meaning Orlando~and you know how I like to support local, independent artists. She was at the Grandma party at Stardust a few months ago. That was an interesting gig. You can check out stray's esty site here.

24 March 2008

Oh my gosh!

Did I miss posting one day? Well, it was Easter, so I took a day off. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed it outside with my big dog.

This piece is in a funny gallery called Chicken Man Art. It's simple, yet very stylish. I like the earwires.

22 March 2008

Holy Craft! II

So this coming Monday is Holy Craft!! II sponsored by Etoile Boutique and Tatame Sake Lounge. I have yet to go to one, but I have been to Etoile and they have some pretty funky stuff.

21 March 2008

Orange Button site

So this is a cute little site. I've come across it in my travels across the internet universe. If you want another venue for selling, you might want to try this! They are based out of San Francisco~which I love and would live there if I had money~so they may know a thing or two about artsy fartsy stuff.
I am glad it's friday. I'll have time to relax this weekend and make some more cool stuff! I ordered some supplies and I am very excited for them to come in. I hope this weekend! yay for me!
have a great one!

20 March 2008

bumbershoot 2008

This looks like the most fun you could have at a festival, seeing bands, selling crafts, and in a really cool city nonetheless! I haven't been there yet, but I have a friend that lives there. Maybe I'll go to see her and we can check it out! Don't forget to visit their site to see all the great photos!

19 March 2008

Craftster challenge #2

So this is a cool little site. Craftster is having a craft challenge #2 using stuff you find from a dollar store. I always like entering contests, just to see if I can win. It was part of an article I had written for the soft flex company last year. Check 'em both out, they are on my list of things 'you want to know, don't you?'

18 March 2008

ugly necklace contest

I think this is the funniest thing! Every year the Land of Odds has a contest to see who can make the ugliest necklace. (this one is not too bad) I am always amazed at how people come up with stuff. If you want to check out the rules and regs for next year and see prior winners photos, go to their website.

15 March 2008

Sad day...

I found out yesterday that Barbara Seaman, wife and co-owner of the Artistic Hand where I show my jewelry, died on February 28. I am sad to see her go. Del will keep on their dream and vision with the studio.

Bye Barbara. I know you are happy and whole again.

08 March 2008

a taste of oviedo

There's another event in Oviedo coming up and I will have some new items at the Artistic hand for you all to see. It's call the Taste of Oviedo and it is on April 12, from 10a-6p.