24 September 2007

Rock the Stitch! indie craft fair

This craft fair is next weekend! There are several local vendors that will be there that I want to check out. If you are in the area, stop by!

17 September 2007

Punk rock flea market

I just thought this was funny. Too bad it wasn't around for me back in the day, that would have been the most authentic.

It's nice to be able to relive your youth every now and then...

16 September 2007


I just love them! They are beautiful and simple. They offer the most interesting cuts on swarovski's now. I saw an abstract cut that I liked, but I can't think of how I would use it.

This is for sale at The Artistic Hand. It is a small artists shop in Oviedo, FL. It is run by Del and Barbara Seaman, a lovely couple who have had this shop for many years now. They support many independent artists in the area, and also offer classes in pottery. The house is old florida, and really beautiful. It's surrounded by old oak trees and other native florida plants. It is a great place to visit, check out the art, and maybe try a class. Classes are offered for adults and kids alike, and are held behind the house. It's a great environment for the arts and artists' alike.
(Unfortunately, they don't have a website, but you can reach them at 407-366-7882)

15 September 2007

pink light bazaar

Hey! I found this cool crafty new event going on next weekend! I am very excited!

It is going to be one great big birthday party weekend for me next weekend! Come on out if you are in the area!

If the banner link doesn't work for you, try this.

14 September 2007

I had made these simple earrings some time ago. I like simple. These are very lightweight and stylish. I need to make them longer. I have thought about adding a small bead on the end, just for a dangle. I've been making head pins lately too. Very easy and since I like to use my torch, it makes it fun!

11 September 2007

Hello all!

I have written another article for softflex company. You can find it here. They have some great beads, wire and good sales too! I'm sorry I did not post this sooner, but there have been many changes lately, and I think I am finally caught up.

I hope you enjoy!

09 September 2007

a brand new day

I'm feeling very motivated and excited lately. A friend tells me its because of this eclipse coming up. Whatever the reason, I've been trying out some new stuff like a mad fiend and having a good time at it. I made a hairpin today, with the help of a friend, out of silver. It looks great! I am very excited! Once I have it all shined up and pretty, I'll post it. It's really great, and not as difficult as I thought. Although, using 12 gauge wire is not always that easy. I didn't even heat the metal to help form it; now that's amazing!

have a great week!

08 September 2007


Hello all!

After much consideration, and from opinions gathered from friends and family, I have decided to change my name. Yep, you heard it! I like this name and I think it fits just fine. So change those email addresses, update your bookmarks, and make a note of it. I am here to stay!

thanks for checking!